Cover Review: Petersen’s Hunting

My new cover review for the Folio: online Face Up column takes a look at the April/May 2014 issue of Petersen’s Hunting, the popular outdoors enthusiast magazine. There’s so much testosterone on this cover that I can feel the hair growing on my chest (and other places). It’s a memorable, provocative, and ground-breaking cover for […]

10 Great Entertainment Weekly Covers Designed by Kory Kennedy

As a former design director of Entertainment Weekly (I was there from 1994-96), I have a never-ending fascination with the magazine’s covers and design. Kory Kennedy was Entertainment Weekly‘s seventh design director, adding his creative magic from May 2012 until this past month. In those two years he designed over 100 covers and gave the […]

Cover Review: The 2014 Edition of Who’s Who in Baseball

My new cover review for the Folio: online Face Up column is just in time for baseball’s Opening Day on March 31. It’s a look at the 2014 edition of Who’s Who in Baseball, the obsessive (and fascinating) compilation of pitchers and batters statistics. Their cover design hasn’t changed much over the past 20 years, […]

We Love Old Magazines!

At Newmanology, we love old magazines and magazine covers. Here’s a collection of some of our favorites, from the 1940s-60s, all gathered from the DTA Collectibles site, the source of 1000s of cool vintage publications and paper goods, all for sale. The 10 classics pictured include covers from Ha Ha!, Climax, Dig, After Dark, and […]

Cover Review: The Newsweek Relaunch Issue

My new cover review for the Folio: online Face Up column is up now. It’s a look at the cover of the relaunched Newsweek magazine, designed by Priest + Grace and illustrated by Ben Wiseman. Former Time art director Arthur Hochstein adds a few smart thoughts to the mix as well. Overall, it’s a very […]

Folio Online Face Up Column: Mad Magazine

My latest cover review for the Folio: online Face Up column is out now. It’s a look at the new cover of Mad magazine, a parody of The Lego Movie by illustrator Mark Frederickson and art director Sam Viviano. I like the cover a lot, but ask the question, “If a parent likes a Mad […]

100 Years of Powerful Covers from The Crisis Magazine

The Crisis was founded in 1910 by W.E.B. DuBois as the official publication of the NAACP. Within nine years it reached a circulation of 100,000. It was an important venue in its early days for African American authors, including Jean Toomer, Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and Jessie Fauset. It also included powerful graphic covers by […]

The Covers of Jet Magazine, 1960s

Jet magazine was a digest-sized weekly published by Johnson Publishing. Herbert Temple was Jet‘s longtime art director. Throughout the 1960s Jet continued its use of black and white cover photos and a single bright color on the cover, combined with Temple’s use of bold graphic background shapes. Although Jet always had a healthy dose of […]

Elvis Is Alive!

Although Elvis Presley died in 1977, the tabloid Weekly World News spent many years trying to convince people that he was still alive. They published a series of covers that featured “exclusive” photos and interviews with the King, as well as the shocking expose that “Elvis’ Tomb Is Empty!” Apparently Elvis sightings have diminished in […]